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Addon tip : MarkBar

This is an adjustable toolbar with raid target icon buttons; quicker and easier than the standard UI target popup menu. It also allows to set icons descriptions (ie sheep, sap,...) and party member assignments in order to dump that info in the chat.

What is the Best Gaming Keyboard?

There are now hundreds of keyboards out there that tout themselves as being the perfect interfaces for gaming. Gamepads are all well and good but 'WASD' is the de-facto standard input for many games and for a reason - it's simple and it works.  Despite this, it's surprising how many keyboard manufacturers mess around with the tried and tested layout of a keyboard. Often this tinkering stops you being able to jump into a game knowing instinctively where the right keys are, and can also make simply typing anything a nightmare too. 

Guide: Moonkin Enchants and Gems (and few words about caps) *UPDATED*

Complete list of Enchants and Gems for Moonkin Druid. Choose wisely as you need to maximize Spell damage, maintain HIT Cap and get good crit. Now includes also talent specs, profession bonuses and glyph list.

Icecrown Citadel (ICC) - The Frozen Halls - Where to find entrance and strategies

Bit of help is never wasted. The most basic, where to find new 5 man instance is currently most asked question in chat. So i am here with helpfull hand. Err. Helpfull picture. And of course, something more - strategy.

Pilgrim's Bounty How-To

Here we go with another detailed How-To, this time Pilgrim's Bounty, brand new achievement / seasonal madness. It's all about Turkeys and Rogues. You should know. Shoot them! Turkeys and Rogues :)

Day of the Dead

Hallow's End gone, hope you have got all achievement. Day of the Dead is here. Will tell you how to get easiest achievement ever. And also how to get one weird pet which does nothing. And in fact, it's not pet. Anyway, doing the quest gives easy money and over 20K XP for those 70+

Bear tank gear enchants



Head Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector +37 stamina, +20 defense rating (Argent)
Shoulders Greater Inscription of the Pinnacle +20 dodge rating, +15 defense rating (Sons of Hodir)
Legs Frosthide Leg Armor +22 agility, +55 stamina (Leatherworking)
Back Major Agility +22 Agility (enchant)
Hands Major Agility +20 Agility (enchant)
Chest Powerful Stats +10 All (enchant)
Bracers Major Stamina  +40 stamina
Feet Tuskarr's Vitality +15 stamina, +8% run speed
Weapon Major Agility  +35 agility





Hallow's End - Trick and Treats (Alliance)

Complete and sorted by useful path - Trick and Treats achievements for Alliance.

Daily Tips and Trick available at Facebook Page and Twitter channel

Daily Tips and Trick available at Fcebook Page and Twitter channelDaily Tips and Tricks are available at Facebook Page  World of Warcraft Tips ( Twitter Channel WoW Tips and Tricks (wowtipstricks). Main place is Facebook Page, Twitter channel is just connected for those in love with Twitter (and hating Facebook). Fell free to becoma Fans of Page or follow us on Twitter.

Daily Tips and Tricks provides few tips a day.  Sample is visible in Fan Box at, but if you are familiar with Facebook becoming a fan of page will make all new tips appear in your feed.

Harvest Festival

Honor the heroes of Horde and Alliance in Harvest Festival in new event, this time without any achievement madness. This time head to Ironforge (Orgrimmar), take quest from there ([Honoring a Hero]) and then honor Uther (Alliance) or Grom Hellscream (Horde). Hunters can use [Harvest Boar], [Harvest Fish], [Harvest Fruit] and [Harvest Nectar] (available on table) to feed their pets (increases hapiness). And feel free to /salute, /wave or /bow the ghostly fallen heroes wandering around.

After completing the quest you will receive [Bounty of the Harvest] in the mail (2 days later) - it produces above mentioned food (4 pieces, 12 hour cooldown).

Medium Rare - Rare mobs in Outland

Medium Rare and Bloody Rare after that is remarkable achievement, long list of rare mobs in Outland makes this achievement really long time one. Check the maps before :

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