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BWL (Black Wing Lair) attunement

Author chlívek (World of Warcraft (EN) ) - vydáno 16.2.2006

Besides attunement to Molten Core and Onyxia attunement (see here how) every guild member reaching soon lvl 60 should look for BWL Attunement - it can be done together with some Onyxia attunement as it actually only requires following :

  • Pick up Blackhand's Command from Scarshield Quartermaster - he is to be found right from entrace to UBRS/LBRS. Go with some 1 or 2 ppl right on balcony, kill some mobs on the way and at the end of balcony is small room with Quartermaster and his two adds. Kill them. The letter is drop from Quartermaster (for lot of fun,read it).
  • Go to any UBRS run and take care that it end by killing Drakki. When Drakki is dead, just use orb behind the place where he normally stands.

You are attuned for BWL. Which means, that you can enter BWL with your raid through the place, where you have killed Quartermaster in first step :)

Last change : 8.4.2006 16:47, Created : 16.2.2006 17:41, Published : 16.2.2006, 35130x

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