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Add-on tip - Perfect Targets

Author chlívek (World of Warcraft (EN) ) - vydáno 6.9.2006

Perfect Raid TargetsNew add-on tip is coming, rejoice - Perfect Targets. Nice companion to any Raid frames especially because it can show wrong tank targetting (not in the sample picture). What it does is simple - it shows all targets your raid members are targetting. Your current target is shown with ">" in first collumn. Second collumn shows an icon associated with that particular target. Third collumn shows number of ppl in raid having that target. Most usefull is last collumn as it shows abbreviated names of tanks having that particular mob as target. And if more than one tank has it, it will show their abbreviated names (as default it shows only first letter of tank name, but i have changed it to show 4 letter as it's more clear for me then). Details here

Important - this mad was named Perfect Raid Targets originally and renamed to Perfect Targets.

Last change : 19.9.2006 08:18, Created : 6.9.2006 08:25, Published : 6.9.2006, 15197x

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