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The Burning Crusade Instance Guide - Botanica

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The Burning Crusade Instance Guide - Botanica

Botanica is lvl 70 wing of Tempest Keep instance (Netherstorm). You can enter only with flying mount or flying form - it's left (north) "space-ship". The following strategy is, as usual, based on beta info and take from and Wiki. I haven't been there personally yet (as of start of february).

Commander Sarannis

The first boss of The Botanica wing of the Tempest Keep instance in Netherstorm.


The preceeding pulls come in groups of 3, just wait untill she pats over to the far side of the bridge.

This is a pretty straightforward fight. She puts a debuff which increases arcane damage taken by 1200, which she stacks twice and then blasts the tank with arcane damage. It can be dispelled, but she applies it often. At 50% she will spawn four adds that needs to be dealt with quickly, 1 elite and 3 non-elites, which can be crowd controlled or killed. All in all, an easy fight with sub-standard loot.

High Botanist Freywinn

High Botantist Freywinn is the second boss of The Botanica wing of Tempest Keep in the Netherstorm. He appears to be a druid.


Once engaged, Freywinn spawns a seedling elemental every few seconds. The seedlings have a low amount of health (<1500) and need to be killed in order to avoid their special abilities, which vary based on color: short freeze (white), direct damage (red), root (green).

At longer intervals (>30 seconds) he'll transform into a treant (much like a druid's Tree of Life Form), spawn three lashers, and start channeling Tranquility, which heals him and the lashers. Until all the lashers are killed, High Botanist Freywinn is invulnerable, and will keep channeling Tranquility.

It is possible to move/fear the lashers out of the Tranquility range, making it somewhat easier to kill them; but it is relatively easy to kill the lashers by simply focusing the group's DPS on a single target at a time. It is vital to kill the lashers quickly, thereby preventing the Botanist from healing himself out of control.

It also helps to tank Freywinn on the bridge. When he spawns his treant adds, have the entire party run off the bridge to the left side, in the area cleared previously. This removes the party from the flayers' line of sight, and they can't use their ranged attack. This will pull them out of Tranquility immediately. When the last flayer is nearly dead, have the tank start running back to pick up Freywinn before he runs off the bridge.

Recommended that everybody in the party make a quick /assist macro for the same person. This will enable you to all target the same Lasher quick and take them down.

Thorngrin the Tender

The third boss of The Botanica wing of the Tempest Keep instance in Netherstorm. He is a satyr.

Sacrifice: Occasionally sacrifices a party member, doing x amount of damage over y time. Can only hit players who are in line of sight and NOT his primary target. Also resets threat on all targets. 0.5 sec cast. [x and y ticking for about 750 doing about 5-6k total]
Hellfire: Channels hellfire at his feet, like Baron Geddon. Can be outranged by the tank.
Enrage: Occasionally enrages, increasing attack speed by 75% and physical damage by 110. ~80,000 hitpoints.


He will sacrifice a random party-member while then draining their health to heal himself. He will reset aggro before doing this so make sure you taunt him immediately as he starts casting sacrifice (0.5 sec cast). Every once in a while he will cast hellfire which is devastating if everyone doesn't move away while he casts it. This is a very aggro-sensitive fight.

Healers need to watch for his enrage, which causes him to hit VERY hard, the tank will drop quickly.

Positioning should be split between two groups: the tank/melee DPS and healing/ranged DPS. When he begins the hellfire, the melee group should run to the position of the ranged DPS and wait for Thorngrin to stop casting and move towards healers. If the boss gets out of control and starts running around, things get hectic, so make sure the tank taunts straight after he casts sacrifice, and have the DPS stop and give the tank a few seconds to build up some aggro again. The tank can stay in during the hellfire if there is enough healing, and the healing/ranged is best to stand up on the steps where he sacrifices people so that healers have range on the sacrificed person. So long as the boss is kept under control, the fight is reasonably straight forward.


The fourth boss of The Botanica wing of the Tempest Keep instance in Netherstorm, it is kind of a Lasher.

Laj's room

Upon entering the room you will see a fight going on in the centre. Feel free to watch, it is not advised that you get involved if at all possible.

When the fight is over, you will likely have two NPC's stood there. BE ADVISED that they may be bugged and unkillable (29th Jan 07 - Also tested 02/02/07 still unkillable) and if you aggro them accidentally you will need to exit the instance (or vanish/feign/invis) to drop aggro.

They can be passed to proceed onto the final boss, but it may require a mind soothe or a sap on the NPC closest to the door - If you hug the wall you can go to the final boss with out any needs of these.


Periodically spawns two Thorn Lashers and teleports to his original position. Assign one dps to kill each spawn and continue business as usual on Laj. The spawns can be several different types some doing a mind flay, thrown damage, etc.

Laj puts a disease on the tank, that should be cleansed since it increase the damage the tank takes. Laj will also randomly change color, when he does this he will be resistant to certain types of magic( just like the mobs on both sides of the Botanist), Blue(Frost resistant)Red(Fire resistant)Green(Nature resistant)there is also arcane but at this time it's not known if he gets resistant to that as he went down in 3 color changes or less, and altho it didnt seem to make much of a differance for our group at the time, it may save you some time and mana, and increase the damage he takes.

Warp Splinter

The fifth boss of The Botanica wing of the Tempest Keep instance in Netherstorm. He is an ancient.


He spawns 7 adds under the trees around the place, which have ~3000 HP. These move slowly towards the group and will quickly aggro on the healer. After 20 seconds they despawn and heal him significantly - they should be killed or he can heal almost 1/4 of his life.

He also has an arcane dmg volley attack aswell as a warstomp which increases dmg taken by 550 while stunned (stun lasts 5 sec).

He can be reset.

Plan B: Zerg him, by not moving you can probably do enough damage to make the heal insignificant

Tank him halfway towards the bridge where you entered from (if he gets to the bridge he will reset). As the Treants spawn and move towards him, you have a good chance that they will cluster up for some aoe. The trick to this fight is to maximize your group's dps. Either on the boss or on the summoned treants. Warlocks should try to dot every treant, mages try to set up some aoe (frostnova + icelance / blastwave). Rogues don't bother changing targets just dps the boss. You don't have to try to kill all the treants.


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