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Addon tip : Warmup

Author chlívek (World of Warcraft (EN) ) - vydáno 31.12.2009

Well, Warmup from Tekkub is quite "old". And it has not been updated for long time. But still it's tool of tremendous value. Recently i had problem of very slow game loading (and reloading) - obviously some add-ons were taking too much time to load. And Warmup is something that can help - install  it, start your game, then use any addon manager to enable this addon and reload your UI. After that type /wu and look through complete list of add-ons and time taken for their load (scroll with mouse scroll wheel). Those yellow might still be OK, but anything red (and let say over 0.5 sec) is certainly worth of checking. 

Addon tip: Warmup

I have found few addons taking more than one second to load. Some of the were not necessary for playing, so they were removed. For some others i checked for new versions and seems the loading time in those is better. And with rest, like Armory/Auctioneer, well, i have to live with their longer loading times. 

Tags : WOW, WOWEN, Add-on, Warmup

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