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Guide: Moonkin Enchants and Gems (and few words about caps) *UPDATED*

Author chlívek (World of Warcraft (EN) ) - vydáno 11.12.2009

Complete list of Enchants and Gems for Moonkin Druid. Choose wisely as you need to maximize Spell damage, maintain HIT Cap and get good crit. Now includes also talent specs, profession bonuses and glyph list.

Enchanting and Gemming your moonkin gear is sometimes touch puzzle. Keep in mind, that you need to maintain 263 HIT (in case you have Improved Faerie Fire talent, otherwise it's 341) - which can be hard. Gear is not helping too much as it lacks a hit very often. You will see many advices how to gem - in basics two of them are most often accepted:

  • crit > sp > haste (given you are hit capped)
  • sp > crit > haste (given you are hit capped)

Choose any, as there is no clear winner. Anyway Gray Matter provides following (post 3.2) Stat Valuation (i have added extra "cap" collumn):

Stat No Lag With Lag 11% Haste With Lag Cap
Hit Rating 1.608 1.595 1.614 263 (w IFF), 341(w/o IFF)
Spell Power 1 1 1  
Haste Rating 0.678 0.389 0.941 400 (important  only for Wrath)
Crit Rating 0.753 0.741 0.742 35-40% (raid buffed)

Personally i gem for max SP (spell damage), very often by placing just red gems (23+SP is actual max) in any available slots (two blues gems are mandatory for meta gem as you will see later).


Good news since last ICC patch - enchants are BoA (Bind on Account). As soon as you get one toon with sufficient reputation, you can buy enchants and appl

Slot Enchant Hit SP Crit Haste Other Where to get it
Head (Helm) Arcanum of Burning Mysteries   +30 +20     Kirin Tor (Revered)
Shoulders Greater Inscription of the Storm   +24 +15     The Sons of Hodir (Exalted)
Cloak Greater Speed       +23   Enchanting
  Wisdom         - threat, +10 spi Enchanting
Chest Powerful Stats         +10 stats Enchanting
Bracer Superior Spellpower   +30       Enchanting
Hands Precision +20         Enchanting
  Exceptional Spellpower   +28       Enchanting
Legs Brilliant Spellthread
 +50     +20 spi Tailoring
Belt Eternal Belt Buckle           Blacksmithing
Boots Icewalker +12   +12     Enchanting
  Tuskar's Vitality         +15 sta, 8% run speed Enchanting
Weapon Mighty Spellpower (melee weapon)   +63       Enchanting
  Accuracy (melee weapon) +25   +25     Enchanting
  Greater Spellpower (Staff only   +81       Enchanting


Profession Enchant Slot Effect
Leatherworking Fur lining Bracers +76 sp
Engineering Hyperspeed Accelerators Hands +340 haste/12sec
  Sringy Arachnoweave Cloak +27 sp, parachute
  Nitro Boosts Boots +24 crit, runs speed/5sec
Enchanting Greater Spellpower Ring +23 sp
Inscription Master's Inscription of the Storm Shoulder +70 sp, 15 crit
Tailoring Lightweave Embroidery Cloak +295sp/15 sec (chance)


Color Gem Hit SP Haste Crit Other Comment
Meta Chaotic Skyflare Diamond       +21 +3% crit dmg Requires 2 Blue gems
Red Runed Cardinal Ruby   +23        
  Runed Scarlet Ruby   +19        
  Runed Stormjewel   +23       Drop
  Runed Dragon's Eye   +39       Jewelcrafter only
Red/Yellow Veiled Monarch Topaz +8 +9       until hit capped
  Reckless Monarch Topaz   +9 +8      
  Reckless Ametrine   +12 +10      
Yellow Rigid Autumn Glow +16          
  Rigid Lionseye +10          
  Perfect Rigid Sun Crystal +14          
  Rigid Sun Crystal +12          
  Rigid Dragon's Eye +34         Jewelcrafter only
  Rigid Stormjewel +20         Drop
  Rigid King's Amber +20          
Blue/Red Purified Twilight Opal   +9     +8 spi Only TWO needed
  Purified Dreadstone   +12     +10 spi  


Glyph of Moonfire - Increases the periodic damage of your Moonfire ability by 75%, but initial damage is decreased by 90%.

Glyph of Starfire - Your Starfire ability increases the duration of your Moonfire effect on the target by 3 sec, up to a maximum of 9 additional seconds.

Glyph of Insect Swarm - Increases the damage of your Insect Swarm ability by 30%, but it no longer affects your victim's chance to hit.

Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth - Your Rebirth spell no longer requires a reagent.

Glyph of the Wild - Mana cost of your Mark of the Wild and Gift of the Wild spells reduced by 50%.

Glyph of Aquatic Form - Increases your swim speed by 50% while in Aquatic Form.
Glyph of Dash - Reduces the cooldown of your Dash ability by 20%.

Moonkin talent spec

Look here :

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