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LOTRO - Moria Travel Map * updated

First days in Moria are tough. Place is huge, whole new world. Endless tunells, dead ends, too many places to travel. Here is little helper. Shows all travel paths, including the swift ones (green) which unlock somewhere along the journey through Moria. The two dashed lines are walk-shortcuts.

LOTRO - Moria Travel Map

LOTRO - Moria - Instance overview

LOTRO Moria map with instances - where to find them, how they are named and from which level you can start going. Two raid instances are (12) man. Click for bigger, better readable, version.

Lotro - Moria - Instance overview

Good bye Lord of the Rings online

Just few days before new payment was due i closed my account at Codemasters. Good bye Lord of the Rings online, it has been nice 10 months and it was pleasure to play and grew few of my characters, unfortunately in last 4 months the game has nothing to offer to all players who reached it's end Promises of new content delivered by "end of the year" with Moria expansion are not enough to keep me paying and waiting.

LOTRO : Guide to Ettenmoors (PVMP)

Don't get lost in all those abbreviations (LG, EC, OR, etc). Just check map inside. And of course some more information which can be handy. Creep hints added. Ettenmoors Control points explained. Map of control points added

LOTRO : Champion Bits and Pieces

Champion is interesting combination of contact melee class with AOE abilities. Here are some infomation which might help you to get champion into right shape at end-game

LOTRO : Quick peek at some spells : Call to Greatness (Minstrel)

Call to Greatness spell was added in Book 11. That and lack of description (see here, "You call out to a fellow, inspiring him to greatness.") is making it one from well forgotten spells. Yet, it is very usefull, especially in end-game encounters.  Effects (please correct/add if i haven't got it complete) are as follows :

  • Champion : Defeat response, 2 Fervour every 5 seconds
  • Guardian : +25% Threat
  • Lore-master : Blinding Flash refresh every 5 seconds
  • Minstrel : +10% Healing, Chord of Salvation reset every 5 seconds
  • Hunter : -15% Threat, 1 Focus every 5 secs
  • Captain : Defeat response every 5 secs
  • Burglar : +15 damage to positional attack

The resetting timer every 5 seconds (usually for 15 seconds) should be present for every class.

One last note - while in raid, it can be cast only in your own fellowship. And yes, minstrel can cast it on himself.

LOTRO : Book 12 details

Some details about Book 12 emerged in two developer chats. And here we go with summary

LOTRO : Book 11 Patch 2 Notes

Small patch, 5th/6th December 2007, fixing Mushrooms in Rift, some DX10 graphics issues, Troll/Ranger play in Ettens and few other small things.

LOTRO : Guide to reputation system

Know all about factions, reputation items, reputation crafting. Get max out of your standing (like you should know about discount on repairs for example). And of course, rewards are listed too!

LOTRO : Bits and bytes November 28nd : Thrang Defeated

Few weeks and Thrang has been defeated. Aiya Earendil Elenion Ancalima kinship advanced again int The Rift. Yesterdays first attempt at Thrang was succesfull, after some nearly three quarters of hour fight, Thrang finally died. Balrog (Thaurlach) is waiting. And he will be dead soon. I am sure about it.

Thrang Defeated

My minstrel is 50. Codemasters/Turbine should deliver some new content before xmass, at least i hope so. Lord of the Rings still must catch up in content richness and variety. And that lazy Fellowship of the Ring is still stuck in Rivendell.

I have spent some gold and time doing mining to get mats for my jewelcrafter. EvuulSara, name inspired by hellish Sara Oakheart, is hobbit burglar and now finally Master jwc. And will be a Grand Master for sure after some more time. Only few hundreths of Misty Mountain Silver Ore and all is set. Of course there is still issue to bring her up to (at least) level where she can use critting tools. But that will happen as well.




LOTRO : Annuminas instances and Annuminas itself (updated)

Bits and pieces about Annuminas area and instances located there. Important notes about game mechanics. November 11 updated with detailed map of Annúminas.

LOTRO : Flasks, Draughts, Salves, Potions

Overview of all potions used for healing, restoring power, removing debuffs, etc.

LOTRO : Aliases (macros) Guide

Learn how to create aliases (macros) and how to use them to help you and your fellows. And even see some examples

LOTRO : Minstrel instruments overview

Get right instruments for improving your minstrel skill. Be ready to use Theorbo to reduce your threat or turn your minstrel into improved damage. Here we list instruments and their effects

LOTRO : Bits and bytes November 20th

Gloriela, my minstrel, is at lvl 50 and had few nice runs into Urugarth and Annúminas. It's interesting to see the difference between minstrel and priest (WoW).

The Rift after first Patch is still buggy. Third boss is bugging under stairs into evade, spawned monsters on stairs are bugging still as well. Anyway it's interesting fight now, at least. There is new bug at number six, Shadow-Eater. Summoner is spawning his worms behind fences where nobody can kill them. And while all are in combat, nobody can open the gate to start boss encounter. Mushroom picking-up quest is still not fixed.

LOTRO : The Rift : Beware of Ever Seer

Saving into instance in The Rift has one interesting feature. I went there with my minstrel through saved state of our raid (where i go with my main) just to check something. And as soon as i reached giant vendor (after first two bosses) i just got saved with whole #1 to #6. Even without killing anything. Call it  bug if you want.

Playing with traits and virtues might be sometimes interesting puzzle. Deeds and Traits here has  been updated, as i have spent some time revising and thinking about LousyAnne's setup. She is champion, so if anyone interested in possible Champion Traits Setup - Virtues (Tolerance, Determination, Discipline, Justice, Loyalty), Race (Eldar's Grace, Friend of man, Tactics and Conviction Bonus, Return to Rivendell, Power of the Eldar), Class (Deadly Strikes, Vicious Strikes, Swift to Anger, Fervent Rage, Flurry of Blow) and Legendary (Ferocious Strikes, Explosion of Blades)

LOTRO : Release Notes Book 11 Patch 1

First "real" patch of problems in Book 11. Read through, as there are some important fixes (like those in The Rift)

LOTRO : The Rift Strategy (updated 21/11/2007)

Here it goes, the trash and bosses strategy for 12 man raiding instance The Rift. Work in progress as we started raiding it

LOTRO : Bits and bytes November 7th

The Rift is bugged, heavily bugged. Seeing through walls is funny, but does not make anything bad. Bugged bosses and their scripts are bad thing. Door getting stuck after wiping at Thrang is really bad. And Codemasters of course decided, that trash on long way past Eldgang vendor will respawn continuously, so even you killed bosses up to Thrang, you still have to spend a hour of fighting to get to him again. But no surprise, Codemasters have this weird idea : pissed players are best players. Still, The RiftIS wonderfull instance.

Gold sellers are having their own Harvest Festival. Standing in city and spamming channels with offer of their services every second. For hours and hours, nobody cares. Sometimes i have bad feeling that gold sellers and bots are in fact supported by game makers. It's good for their income. There is large pool of ppl who would stop playing without ability to buy anything they want.

Gloriela, hobbit minstrel

Meet Gloriela, hobbit minstrel. Little hobbit minstrel of mine is slowly reachign its game maturity, level 50. Book 11 update was taking care of minstrel skills, mainly adding some "kind of" dps state to it. And nerfing healing skills. There are many ppl complaining about that. I have to say that i really like to play my minstrel. And those new skills, brought by Book11, are really good.

LOTRO : Goblin-town map

Book 11 introduced Goblin-town, large goblin city hidden in north of Misty Mountains. It holds a Goblin King as well as Gollum cave. And it realy pays to its "town" name.

LOTRO : Bits and bytes November 2nd

Oh. I have met a Gollum yesterday. As my minstrel (44 now) is happy to try all new quests (added with Book 11), she has found a marvelous chain. It end's in private instance (single, not fellow) where you can see sneaky cheaky Gollum. First time ever in Lord of the Rings Online. Great!

Gollum in Trollshaws

Game has a maintenance day today, instead of usual thursday, promising some patches - i wont show you patch notes, as it's probably only joke from game writers. There are numerous bugs introduced in Book 11, but patch notes are just about. Well, nothing.

I can confirm that mezzing Hillmen-Slave at Boss #1/#2 will stop new waves spawning. Wild guess, it's not working as intended, so we will see this for sure fixed. I got my first "token" in The Rift yday. Which in turn means, i am proud owner of new champion boots (yes, my main is champ, minstrel is just first from alts).

LOTRO : Lore-Masters Non-combat pets

Get your very own non-combat pet - new feature of Book 11 which is not (yet) well known.

LOTRO : The Rift journey begins

First kin (Aiya Earendil Elenion Ancalima) run into new 12 main raid instance The Rift has been enormous succes. First two bosses downed without (boss) wipe in 3 hours of time. Great work done, and many thx to those from outside of kin who have done great job.

Lotro, The Rift journey begins

The Rift, new 12 man raiding instance, is interesting place. Boss fights are far away from usual tank-and-spank and require tactics. Trash mobs are hitting like train and are numerous, whilst pull must be made carefully and timed.

Killing first two bosses opens access to city located inside The Rift where giant race of Eldgang dwells and needs help of all who can help. And more bosses (nine in total) are awaiting with new challenging fights.

LOTRO : Cooked Buffs Guide

Overview of food with buffing abilities - Might, Vitality, Agility, Power, Morale, Threat, Mitigation. Be sure you cook right food before going to The Rift!

LOTRO : Book 11 Tips and Hints (work in progress)

What's new in Book 11 from player's view - changes in reputation, where are new quests, where are new areas, shot at new deeds and more

LOTRO : Bits and bytes October 27th

Festival celebrations are running. Well, most of the time NPCs are broken, but there is plenty of time to try. Festival grounds in Bree-Land (north of Bree-Town), Duillond (Ered-Luin), Thorin's  Hall (look into Inn) and Old Party Tree in Hobitton (Shire). Some rewards are handy for your housing. And there is chance you can get a mount at Festival grounds in Bree-Land.

New spell effects from Lore-Masters are huge drain to your fps, but lore-masters are very happy with update. Not only new pet, lynx, seems to be really a wonder, there has been a huge upgrade to LMs dpsing.

My (at this time lvl 42) minstrel was surprised from bunch of new spells, mainly from new War-Speech. Seems minstrels in LOTRO are having a chance to turn to "shadow priests" like creatures (those from WOW know). Only if it would drain less o power ... I still have to figure out for what are new spells allowing me to learn other ppl to play on musical instruments. Anyone care to explain?

LOTRO : Bits and bytes October 24th

New design for Lotro.comNice one, new design for, looks better from previous one. European pages, are unfortunately still in old design. Would be good idea to switch them too - new design is easier to use and less cluttered.

Don't forget, today is the Book 11 release day for US, tomorrow for Europe. Bittorrent sources are so far reliable way how to download big Book10->Book11 patch.

Known Issues for Book 11: Defenders of Eriador might be a handy to read. Now and later as some other issues from new content arise.

LOTRO : Epic books overview

List of all epic books in Lord of the Rings Online - starting locations, complete chain quest names and prerequisites (if there are any)

LOTRO : Patch notes for Book 11: Defenders of Eriador

New zones are popping out, changes for PVP, numerous bug fixes, new quests, new 12 man raid instance. So far it looks really great

LOTRO : Book 11 finally in sight

According to press release, the most anticipated day is 25th of October for Europe (24th for US). Book 11 : Defenders of Eriador is coming with new quests, new raid instance (12 man), two new zones and player/kin housing. See Book 11 for a slight overview of what is coming out

The Rift, new raiding instance

LOTRO : Class Quest Items Guide

Class quests are available from level 45 and are based on collecting loads of items from monsters and bosses in Urugarth and Carn Dum.

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